What are these resources designed to do?

These resources will provide you with a full set of comprehensive teaching resources to prepare learners for the new style GCSE exam.     

What do the resources include?

The resources include  PowerPoint presentations, sound files, worksheets, homework activities, revision booklets, exam style assessments, mark schemes, vocabulary lists linked to the AQA specification as well as step by step lesson plans.  They also include support material for students such as writing and speaking frames as well as engaging activities and structures to enhance progress.   The resources include step by step lesson plans and all resources are fully editable to offer flexibility.  

Do I have to buy the foundation and higher tiers separately?

Each module includes both foundation and their teaching resources.  In this way you can use both for one class to differentiate appropriately.

Do these resources include assessment material?

The resources include editable assessments for each module and tier for listening, reading, writing and speaking using exam style questions in line with the new specifications.  

Are these resources suitable for teaching specifications other than AQA?

As the Edexcel and Eduqas themes and question types are very similar to those of AQA , these resources are also suitable for preparing students for the specifications.   

How is this different from buying a text book?

These resources not only provide editable teaching resources saving you a lot of time but they also include activities for the classroom to enhance learner engagement for example Quiz Quiz Trade, phrase auction and mini whiteboard activities.  

Can I download the resources from the website? 

Yes, all resources can be downloaded from the website. 

Can I edit the resources?

Most resources are in PowerPoint or word format and are fully editable. 

What happens if I don’t renew my subscription?

Our resources are updated annually and for a small fee you will have continued access to them.  

Can other schools across my multi academy trust use these resources?

Orders places are for one school only and must not be used in other schools, including those within a trust.   Please contact us if you require a discounted subscription for a group of schools.